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Build your own park! Or at least a piece of it

After travelling in Brazil I got inspired by the Chilean born artist Selaron. In 2006 I made an application for a social-cultural project to enhance the urban landscape in my hometown through the art of mosaic. The city of Ghent, Belgium, got funding for this initiative by The European Community, which was going to be realised in a public park. I started to conduct this huge mosaic project (total surface = 179m2) the first week of May 2010. Together with everybody who felt to contribute to this project, we covered paths and benches with colorful mosaics. I was asked to bring a Mediterranean atmosphere through my design. I chose for organic elements, such as flowing lines from where the protecting eye of Fatima arises, dynamic waves and sand dunes with a sky full of stars. After 3 springs and 3 summers we finished this fabulous project. The last piece was laid on the 29th of september 2012.